Well done Elizabeth!

Well done to Elizabeth Bentley winner of the Daily Mirror competition to win a copy of Edwina’s version of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. Elizabeth also enjoyed a professional photo shoot with Tony Ward before she wears the dress to her own wedding this winter.


Images of Photoshoot

Photo’s of the photo shoot by Gemma Ward.

One thought on “Well done Elizabeth!

  1. When my Editor told me that he wanted a version of Catherine Middleton’s wedding dress by Sunday evening I broke out into a cold sweat. It was 2 days before the wedding, I had no idea what Kate was going to wear (although my money was on McQueen!) but I knew it was going to be spectacular.
    I phoned around a few of the big name wedding dress designers thinking that with a showroom full of assistants they would easily be able to do it but they all said that they simply couldn’t do it in the time.
    I called Edwina, fully expecting her to tell me I was mad, but she was cool as a cucumber and said ‘lets look at it on the day Amber, I am sure we can do something”. I nearly fell off my chair and I think that this sums Edwina up really. She is cool, calm and professional and really not phased by anything. She literally got to work at 11 o’clock on Saturday only stopping to sleep and didn’t stop until the dress was done. The attention to detail was mind blowing. I never doubted the dress would be amazing because I had seen her work and already knew how creative and skilled she is. I was must blown away by her attitude. Such a gorgeous, cool lady. She’s working on another project for me now and I can’t wait to see it!!!!!!

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